Dharahara Rebuilding Project Reports Just Fifty Percent Progress In Two Years

The rebuilding of the Dharahara (Bhimsen Tower) which was flattened by the 2015 Gurkha Earthquake so far reports 50 percent work progress. Preparations are going on to put the ceiling of the top floor.

It will have 20 stories. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on 27th December, 2018 had inaugurated the reconstruction of the historic monument after three years of the disaster. The monument built by the then Mukhtiyar Bhimsen Thapa in 1882 BS in commemoration of his spouse Tripurasundari was damaged by the 1990 BS earthquake and the 11th-storey structure was reduced to nine-storey.

Despite the target of completing the project within two years of its commencement, it seems it is not going to be complete within the deadline. The project’s current work progress is not encouraging. National Reconstruction Authority ( NRA) heritage expert Rajuman Manandhar said in the initial phase, the progress was up to the mark and in later phase, it was not going as per the expectation. “We doubt the project will get completed even in the extended deadline,” he added.

The NRA has given eight more months to rebuild the heritage as it seemed certain that it was not going to complete on the date agreed previously due to the Covid-19 pandemic and some other internal issues.

A total of 150 workers including some Indians are busy for the project. Dharahara Rebuilding Project Manager Shyam Shrestha said they had demanded additional 12 months from the NRA to wrap up the works, but were given only eight months. The major works are likely to end with the extended time, but it will take more time for the enhancement of its beauty and parking works, he added.

The rebuilding works focus on the conservation of a historic stone spout here. There will be continuous flow of water from such spout. The Raman Construction is contracted to undertake the project and it is to cost Rs 3.48 billion. The size of new Dharaha will be more than of the old one. It will be equipped with two lifts and have one traditional stairway. Visitors can use them as per their choice. It will spread in 42 ropani of land and will feature a garden, a museum, a colourful (artificial) water fountain, an exhibition hall, a library, a parking lot, restaurant and business outlets.

Though it will look like 11-storey from outside, it will have 22 floors. Its height will be 72 meters while the base will be 14.63-meter. He shared the activities were underway to protect the area of historic stone spout. It would take around Rs 3.48 billion in reconstruction of the Dharahara. The new Dharahara would be wider than the previous one.

The Dharahara has covered 42 ropanis of land.

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