Dodhara Chandani Municipality Goes For Week-Long Lockdown

With the rising cases of coronavirus infection, a lockdown order has been issued in Dodhara Chandani Municipality of Kanchanpur district for a week from today.

An emergency meeting of the municipality taken place on Thursday afternoon took a decision to this effect until December 24.

As decided, essential services including groceries, hardware shops and some others will remain opened from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm by applying health security measures.

However, dairy shops and pharmacies will run uninterrupted.

Other non-essential services in the municipality area have been completely suspended during the period.

Spokesperson of Municipality Dil Bahadur Sijali said that the decision to close the market areas and academic institutions, and restrict the human mobility was taken as people’s representatives, officials, health workers and local people got infected with the coronavirus of late.

Similarly, the municipality office and ward offices also decided to suspend all services except for essential ones, according to Sijali.

Likewise, chairs of ward no. 1 and 3 have tested positive for the virus while the health workers of Dodhara Chandani Primary Health Centres are also infected.

Source : RSS,