Domestic And International Flights Affected Owing To Thick Fog In Kathmandu

All the domestic and international flights to and from Kathmandu have been affected from early this morning due to thick fog in the Kathmandu valley.

Acting General Manager of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) Devchandra Lal Karn told the RSS that all the flights of the international airport have been affected after 6:30 this morning due to poor visibility following thick fog in Kathmandu valley.

However, a plane of Himalaya Airlines from Kunming of China landed at TIA at around 6:30 am before the thick fog.

Karna said that flights could take place only after 10:00 am after the fog is cleared. “Only a plane of international flight landed this morning.

Now, the visibility is measured at just 100 metres due to thick fog. Normal flights could take place only after 10:00 am” he added.

For the planes of international flights, a minimum visibility of 1,500 metres is needed for landing.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,