Doramba Branding Potatoes

Doramba Shailung Rural Municipality in Ramechhap district is planning to promote potatoes produced in the municipality with a unique branding. The municipality has decided to brand the potatoes produced here as the produce from other areas are also being marketed as of ‘Doramba potatoes’.
Chairman of Doramba Shailung Rural Municipality Kaman Singh Lama said that it was an effort to identify the municipality as the pocket area of potato. “This area is known for historic and religious importance. We want to promote it as the potato zone too,” he said.
According to him, potatoes from Doramba is high on demand in the markets in many other districts as well.
Doramba is planning to provide sacks with printed logo in grant to pack potatoes, said Dhiraj Marasini, Chief Administrative Officer of the municipality.
Last year, it had provided the sacks with 50 per cent grant, but the farmers complained that the price of the packing material was still high.
The potato branding programme of the municipality has motivated farmers to produce more potatoes. They are hopeful that the programme would help in promoting their produce and bringing economic benefits to them.

Source : TRN,