Dozen Bridges In Final Stage Of Completion

construction of bridges has been speeded up in the Bheri Corridor here.

A dozen bridges are in the final stages of construction in the Jajarkot section of the Corridor, Chief of the Road Division Office Chaurajahari, Narendra Bhatta, said.

These bridges are nearing completion at the same time on the Corridor that connects Dolpa district passes through west to east Jajarkot.

The construction of RCC bridges had begun with the objective of upgrading the Chhedagad-Jajarkot road under the Bheri Corridor.

An agreement had been signed three years back with Rasuwa Surya Construction JV for construction of six bridges on this 36 kilometres section from Chheda to Khalanga. The construction contract is worth Rs 220 million.

Construction of 13 RCC bridges has proceeded for operating vehicles on the Jajarkot-Dolpa road section of the Bheri Corridor.

Source : RSS,