DPM Pokhrel Calls For Defence Against Game To ‘Topple’ Government

Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Ishwor Pokhrel has said political tug-of-war and efforts to topple the government are going on in the country, foiling the working atmosphere for the government.

Inaugurating a sattal (a traditional resting shed) near the Hadigaun-based Tundaldevi Temple today, the DPM who is also the general secretary of major ruling party CPN(UML), claimed the game was on to topple the government, urging the stakeholders to defend it.

Hinting at the move of some of the party lawmakers in the Karnali Province Assembly to give a vote of confidence to the Chief Minister from the CPN (Maoist-Centre), he said it would be unfortunate for the nation if the game to change the government was intensified to provoke political instability.

He took time to stress the coordination among the three-tier government for development endeavours.

Kathmandu constituency no 5 (A) province assembly member Narayan Silwal said the heritage was of historic significance.

CPN (UML) Kathmandu metropolis-5 chair Birendra Prajapati spoke about the need of protecting our historic heritage. The federal government and the Kathmandu metropolis jointly funded to build the project. Rs 4.8 million was released for the project.

Source : RSS,