Dr. Kapil Rijal’s Suspense Thriller ‘Karma’ Released

Dentist Dr. Kapil Rijal has released his new short film “Karma”. Dr. Kapil is son of renowned gynecologist and filmmaker, singer and lyricist Dr. Bhola Rijal.
The English language film has been released on YouTube.
Dr. Kapil, who has been living in London, UK, for two and a half decades, has followed his father’s footsteps by making a short film using his spare time.
The movie gives a message that life is a boomerang, you get what you give.
The film is done by Nepali actor Tank Dhamala (Leo Tank), who has been living in London, and London-based Daily Allen.
They are accompanied by Sapna Kumar Rai, Jenna Masey, Jack Masey, Carley Beck and Nishan Pun.
The entire shooting of the film was done in London while the post production was done in Nepal.
Rijal himself has written the story and Luke Hunter has joined Rijal to prepare the script of the suspense thriller.
The film features Graham WYN Jone’s story boarding, Mason Blu’s music, Ian Van Temperley stunt combination and Faustas Talack’s cinematography. Deepesh KP and Alex Townley have edited it.
Sapna Kumar Rai, Nino Oz, Daly Allen and Suman Shrestha are executive producers of the film11 minutes and 22 seconds long movie.
Dr. Rijal had earlier made a short film called ‘Guilt’ about COVID -19 with a single cast.
While studying in India 20 years ago, he had made a silent film with friends from different countries who speak different languages.
Rijal has so far directed about a dozen music videos in Nepal and London.