Drying crops on road poses accident risks

The risk of accidents has increased in rural areas of Sarlahi district due to indiscriminate drying of crops on the blacktopped road. Farmers there like to dry maize and other crops on the road. Even on Saturday farmers have dried maize on the road in Chandranagar, Hazariya, Janakinagar, Rajghat, Jiajor and other parts of the district.

Rajendra Sah, a local resident in Chandranagar Rural-Municipality-2, Babargunj said that the crops were left on the road as they dry well there. “It is difficult to dry the sown crop in places other than the road, so it is necessary to spread it on the road,” he said.

Sah sold hybrid maize planted in seven blocks by drying it on the road near the field this year. Most of the farmers including Sah leave their crops on the road in rural areas which is why half of the road is covered with crops.

Travelers had complaints that the traffic was affected due to the crops on the road. The risk of an uncontrolled accident is the same when a fast moving vehicle comes to a dry place and tries to stop suddenly.

A security official in Sarlahi said that the risk already increased when crops were left on the road even at night. “While patrolling at night, it is found that maize was left on the road covering half the road,” said the security official adding that it could lead to serious accidents.

Farmers leave their crops on the road covering its surrounding by stones and woods. The local bodies were also ignorant about it.

They do not have any interest in stopping the indiscriminate drying of crops on the road.

Source : TRN,