Early Warning Preparedness Put In Place For Disaster Management

The Manang District Disaster Management Committee has placed early warning preparedness to protect the district people from possible incidents of natural disasters.

Chief District Officer Bishnu Prasad Lamichhane said early warning preparedness measures are being placed for disaster risk reduction in view of possible incidents of natural calamities such as flood and landslide during the monsoon.

“We have started preparedness so as to reduce loss stemming from natural disasters in the district”, Lamichhane said. As the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority has made forecast of increased level of risks in the rainy season this year, the district mechanism has put in place early warning preparedness measures, he shared.

Preparedness measures are being adopted in coordination with all four local levels of the district, Lamichhane further said.

“Human resource to be mobilized in the relief and rescue operation during the disaster time has been readied. However, there is a challenge to keep them safe from COVID-19 pandemic”.

He opined that the local levels who have been entrusted with more responsibilities on DRR than before should take cautious move.
“We are discussing with the local levels regarding the management of vaccination against COVID-19 for the human resource to be deployed in the disaster rescue operations”, Lamichhane added.

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