Earthenware Makers Of Dhanusa See Sales Boom

With Dipawali and Chhath fast approaching, the Kumhars of Kshireshwornath Municipality-9, Dhanusa, are busy making earthen lamps and pottery items.
Due to the rising demand for earthenware for the festivals, people of the community do not have a minute to spare. Men, women and children are all busy from morning to evening making ceramics to sell in the market.

Kumhars are a caste group who traditionally work as potters. There are 50 Kumhar households in Ichhapur and every one of them is currently engaged in making clay utensils.
“Our main objective is to make and sell earthenware,” said Laxman Pandit, a local of Nausayabigha, Kshireshwornath. “People buy many lamps to celebrate Dipawali, the festival of lights. Similarly, for Chhath, people buy clay pots and other utensils.”

Pandit shared that the clay to make the objects was not found everywhere. “We have to source the mud from Sarabe and Ichhapur. We have to go very far to get the best quality clay,” he said.
Similarly, Ganesh Pandit of Ichhapur told The Rising Nepal that Tihar and Chhath were the best time of the year for Kumhars. “It is when we earn the most money,” he said.

Another Ichhapur resident Shiva Narayan Pandit said that his family could earn up to Rs. 45,000 making lamps and Kalash pots.
The ceramic items made by the Kumhars of Kshireshwornath are sold in the markets of Janakpur, Mahendranagar and Dhalkebar.

Source : TRN,