Eastern border to be sealed for 72 hrs on poll day

Security officials of Nepal and India in Ilam have agreed to tighten border points owing to nearing local level elections in Nepal.

A security meeting held at West Bengal of India between Nepali and Indian security officials and the government officials from both the districts have agreed to regulate the border points to control illegal and unwanted activities to conduct the election peacefully.

At the meeting, Chief District Officer of Ilam Madhav Prasad Dhungana, Chief of the District Police Office Mahendra Kumar Shrestha, Chief of the District Police of APF Suresh Sapkota and 8th Battalion Commander of Sima Suraksha Bal (SSB) Mitual Kumar, 36th Deputy Battalion Commander of Sikkim Nirupesh Kumar and the Indian Customs officials were present.

According to CDO Dhungana, the meeting has agreed to seal the border point for 72 hours and stop sale of alcohol from May 10.

The officials have also agreed to completely stop all vehicular and human movement from May 10. Essential vehicles carrying vegetables, dairy items, and ambulances can, however, ply only under the surveillance of the security bodies.

The meeting has further agreed to stop or control media publicity regarding Nepal’s election on the Indian channels. CDO Dhungana said that the security bodies of the border points have agreed to beef-up security surveillance to control criminal activities.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Mahendra Shrestha said that additional police personnel have been deputed at the border point.

The Armed Police Force has been working for border security on the 52.5 km Nepal-India area of ​​Ilam.

Suresh Sapkota, Superintendent of Police, Armed Police Force, Ilam, said that the APF and the SSB of India have been conducting joint patrols to control illegal activities at the border.

Nepalis who have gone across the border for employment have started returning home to cast their votes on May 13.

Source : TRN,