EC Approves NA Poll Programme

The Election Commission of Nepal has approved the election programme for 20 May for the one vacant post of the National Assembly from Bagmati Province in ‘others’ group.
The election management body approved the schedule on Sunday and said that names of candidates would be published on May 4.
Compliant and protest against the names should be made on the same day while investigation on the compliant would be made on the following two days, it said in a statement. List of candidates would be published on May 5, candidates’ nomination list registration and name list publication would be on May 6. The final list of candidates would be published on 12 May and election symbol would be given to the candidates on the same day.
The NA seat has fallen vacant after Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal elected from the Maoist-Centre switched to CPN (UML) resulting in his expel from the NA.
Meanwhile, the ECN has decided to draw attention of various nine political parties which did not submit the audit report to the former even after it sought clarification from them.
The ECN had sought clarification from 86 political parties that did not submit the audit report in time.
According to Political Parties Act, 2015 and Political Parties Bylaws, 2016, all political parties registered to the ECN must submit the details of their activities to the election body.
About 133 political parties are registered at the ECN. However, it said that the parties’ adherence to the provision of the laws is not satisfactory. “The ECN had sent letters to the parties reminding their duty to submit the audit report. But some of them did not sent it on time,” read the statement.