Educational Reforms To Be Prioritised In Province No 2: Education Minister

Minister for education, science and technology Krishna Gopal Shrestha has said the educational reforms in Province no 2 would be prioritised in the government’s upcoming policy and programmes.

Addressing a discussion cum central level experience sharing regarding the ‘Nik Shikshya Diyan (Let’s Provide Better Education)’ programme organised by Asaman Nepal and the Education Journalists Society here today, he said the initiatives for development of education in Province 2 carried out in the past would be reviewed.

Minister Shrestha pledged that the suggestions from the field study and research about the programme would be addressed while formulating the new policy.

‘Nik Shikshya Diyan’ programme is implemented in four local levels of Dhanusha district of Province no 2 since five years, in collaboration of the Embassy of Norway in Kathmandu.

Minister Shrestha said the government was committed to implementing the constitutional rights as free education, among others, to the citizens of Province no 2. He called on the local levels to take the initiation for providing education in the mother language at the basic level.

“It is necessary to formulate plans and implement them for ensuring quality education befitting the 21st century. We are clear on the notion that the country’s prosperity would not be possible unless there was the right education policy,” he said.

The ‘Nik Shikshya Diyan’ project is implemented at 92 schools in Sabaila, Ganeshnath Charnath and Nagarain municipalities and in Laxminiya rural municipality of Dhanusha district, benefitting 17 thousand students, including 84 differently-abled students.

Education experts, Education Ministry officials and educational officials from Province no 2, teachers’ union leaders, school management committee officials, among others, participated in the discussion cum experience sharing programme.

The mayors and deputy mayors of the four local bodies also attended the discussion programme.

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