Eight Villages At High Risk Of Seti River Erosion

Eight villages in Doti district have been posed to Seti river erosion. Although wall with gabion wire is built along the river, the erosion has not stopped.

The human settlements of Barpata, Ghopghat, Kalaghad, Sirkholi Sain, Dipayal, Gholtada and Naridhang are at high risk of being washed away by the river. The villagers there are bound to keep vigil throughout the night to avoid possible danger, according to locals.

Water-induced Disaster Control Office, Dipayal, spends huge budget every year to manage levee with gabion wire to control the river, but in vain, said Dil Bahadur Bhandari of Pipalla from Silgadhi Municipality-4. “Millions of budget is spent every year, but the structures are swept away by the flood every time, cutting the land. It is worrying to all villagers here.”

Every year, the Seti River changes its course during monsoon flood, panicking the settlements nearby. Laxman Saud, a local from Sirkholi of Silgadhi-1, shared the plight that they were worried much when the Seti River is raged.

The locals from Banleg from Shikhar Municipality-10 and 11 also said they were always panicked in the monsoon. They remained alert during the night.

Ram Bahadur Karki from Kalgadh of Shikhar Municipality-2 complained as the concerned bodies failed to control the river erosion, the settlements of Dipayal, Banidugrisain, Sirkholisain, Kalagadh, Rampur, Gerupani, Gholtada Nadirang were facing continued threat. “The land near river is eaten away when the river changes its course. But there are no concrete steps taken to address this serious issue,” he shared.

Meanwhile, more than a dozen rural roads have been obstructed in the district due to torrential rain.

General Secretary of Nepal Red Cross Society in Sudurpaschim Province, Dev Bahadur Bohara, informed that various 22 places in the district were ascertained as the most vulnerable area; and search and rescue materials centre was established accordingly. Similarly, 12 persons were trained for the search and rescue in the disaster, he added.

However, there is no record how much land in the district is in vulnerable state.

Source : RSS,