Election Declared For Political Stability: Minister Shrestha

Minister for Education, Science and Technology Krishna Gopal Shrestha said the country should now go for election to maintain political stability.

He said this while inaugurating a meeting hall constructed at Balkhu, Kathmandu Metropolitan City-14 today.

The Education Minister called on the political parties to prepare for the election, take fresh mandate from the people and restore political stability in the nation, warning the country would be in for a crisis if the elections were not held on the designated date.

He said the present political problem was because the government which was working in the interest of the country and the people and for development was prevented from carrying out its works.

The government has declared April 30 and May 10 as the dates for holding the general election following the dissolution of the House of Representatives.

Provincial assembly member Ajaya Kranti Shakya spoke of the need of collective efforts and participation for local development and prosperity. The meeting hall was constructed at a cost of Rs 2.6 million.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,