Electric Microbus Imported Via Rasuwa Checkpoint

Electric microbuses have been imported via Nepal’s northern border checkpoint, Rasuwagadhi. A total of 22 microbuses were imported on Wednesday evening. Entrepreneurs from the private sector imported electric vehicles focusing on the urban area. Each micro bus has the capacity of 12 seats.

Information Officer of the Rasuwa Customs Office, Narendra Prasad Chaudhary shared that the vehicles are being imported from China daily and the microbus imported immediately after Dashain have been sent to the destination by completing the customs process.

Around 100 electric cars were imported before Dashain while the import of microbus has increased of late, informed the Customs Office Timure. It was very tough to drive the urban area-targeted micro bus on the raw road to Kathmandu due to its small sized wheel, commented micro bus driver.

As most of the road sections from Rasuwagadhi to Galchhi have witnessed several potholes in between, it is difficult to drive the light vehicles along such awkward route.

It is noted that the import of electric vehicles would contribute to reduce pollution and increase environmental cleanliness as well as help gradually remove the operation of the fossil fuel-enabled vehicles.

Source : RSS,