Electricity Service Disruption Puts Village In Dark

As many as 150 households of Simkot rural municipality-7 in Humla district have been forced to live in dark for the past four days.

The regular supply of power has disrupted when a dozer broke down an electricity pole at ward-7 in course of widening road along the Hilsa-Simkot road section.

Mandir Singh, a local, shared that 150 households of Jabuka, Thaya, Okharen, Chukedi and Dalit settlement are living in dark after disruption of power supply.

In response to the request for maintenance, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) office declined to fix the power supply reasoning that the contractor demolished the pole while widening the road, Singh said.

The contractor has also shown apathy to repair the electric pole, local complained.

Source : RSS,