Essential Supplies Enough In Stock, Says Ministry

The present stock of essential commodities is sufficient to meet the demand for at least next six months, said government officials.
“The stock of essential goods is enough to meet the demand for at least six months. The government is facilitating to ease the supply of commodities in the market and import as well,” said Urmila KC, assistant spokesperson at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies.
At present, about 13,000 tonnes of rice, 153,405 tonnes of salt, 712 tonnes of sugar, 5,047 tonnes of wheat is in stock with the state-owned enterprises. Besides, around 50,000 tonnes of sugar is in stock with the private sector.
KC said that large quantity of rice, lentils and other daily food items are in stock with the private sector.
“We have requested the private sector to give the stock of foods items. But they have not provided so far. However, they informed that they have stock of goods to meet the demand for at least six months,” she told The Rising Nepal.
Likewise, the supply system of goods was in track albeit in reduced quantity due to the impact of COVID-19 and enforcement of prohibition order.
The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) is being importing fuel as per the national demand. NOC has 48,250 KL fuel is in stock at present. There is no obstruction of import of essential goods and their supply even if prohibition order is implemented in various districts as the government has arranged for the supply of essential commodities throughout the country, she said.
She said that the availability of food items in the market would be easy and urged the consumers not to buy foods in excess of their requirement. She said that the traders would be encouraged to artificial price hike of goods if the demand increased unnaturally.
Similarly, she said that action would be taken against those who increase the prices of daily necessities.
“The public entities- FMTC, STC and NOC are supplying their products smoothly in the market. STC is also operating the mobile van services to deliver goods to the consumers reaching their doorsteps and FMTC is running online delivery to consumers during prohibition,” she said.
She said that there was enough stock of rice and other essential goods even in remote areas as the FMCT has already transported sufficient goods to the food deficit districts.Retail shops related to essential commodities are allowed to open in the morning. So, consumers have to purchase necessary goods within the time fixed by the local administration,” she said.