Ex- Finance Minister Mahat Insists On Liberal Economy For Prosperous Nepal

Nepali Congress central member and former Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat has said only liberal economic policy would help make the country prosperous.

Inaugurating the ninth AGM of Nepal Distributers’ Federation Central Committee in Damauli of Tanahu today, the leader was of the view that liberal economic policy would contribute for boosting up economic activities, creating jobs and income generation opportunities and ultimately for taking the country towards prosperity.

“Liberalism is essential to increase the country’s revenue collection and it is also the responsibility of private sector to increase economic activities.”

He asserted that infrastructure development, promotion of health and education, poverty alleviation and implementation of social security were the responsibilities of the government and the private sector should be encouraged for the industrial boom.

“It is the duty of the government to promote the non-government and cooperative sectors, to protect domestic capital, to ensure the rights of investors, to build a proper mechanism for tax paying and to create atmosphere conducive for making the country prosperous,” he said and insisted on the increment on domestic and foreign capital investment.

Federation central chair Suresh Adhikari demanded the proper recognition to the Federation by the government. Around 500 people including representatives from 40 districts and observers are taking part in the event.
Other participants of the event complained that it was political instability that prevented them from doing their business confidently.

Source : RSS,