Exercise And Healthy Food Raise Oxygen Level

Experts have said that exercise would be helpful in raising the level of oxygen.

Senior consultant for respiratory and critical care medicine Dr. Rakshya Panday said that exercise can increase the level of oxygen. Those who are staying on the home isolation can do exercise to keep breathing healthy.

According to Pandey sleeping in an upside-down position is beneficial for patients with breathing problems.

“Hospitals also use this kind of technique,” She said “Sometimes providing oxygen is not sufficient. So, sleeping upside down helps lung to open properly and help proper breathing”.

According to her, the heavy side of the lung lies in the backside of the body. So, sleeping upside down increases the flow of oxygen and activates a different part of the lung.

The level of oxygen can be increased by a glass of water. First, fill the mouth with wind and release the wind into a glass of water. It also increases the level of oxygen.

The research officer of the National Ayurveda Research and Training Center, Dr. Amitman Joshi said that all of those who have been in isolation should adopt these techniques.

“It is scientifically proven.” He said, “Level of oxygen should be above 94.” AnulomVilom also known as the alternative breathing technique can be another technique for breathing.

According to Joshi, eat a full liquid diet, sprout chana (Chickpeas) to increase fluid in the body.

World Health Organization also recommended upside-down sleep to supply sufficient oxygen in the body.