Exploring A New Route To Eklesal

An alternative route to the road connecting the south of Baglung is being sought, as there is no possibility of repairing the road damaged by the landslide even after spending millions. A new road is being explored at Baglung Municipality-10 Eklesal under the Baglung-Kushmishera road.

Stakeholders on Thursday studied the construction of an alternative route to divert landslides from the concrete bridge in Kathekhola. Stakeholders emphasized on the need to build an alternative road to remove the debris from Akshat. A team comprising members of the House of Representatives, heads and representatives of political parties, people’s representatives, administration office and stakeholders’ office inspected the landslide and conducted an on-site study on the alternative route.

The same landslide has damaged four locations on three different roads. Chief Engineer at the Infrastructure Office, ShoviyatKhadka, said that it is difficult to repair the road as the landslide had created a big gorge.

Mayor of Baglung Municipality Janak Raj Poudel said that the road was not operational as there was no solution to control the landslide.

The technicians who arrived for the observation suggested that there should be a geological study of the rock. “We should not just say that we should look for alternatives, it should be done only after getting a good knowledge of the geography here,” said Engineer Sharma.

The district administration office has written to the geology department requesting for the study. “We are writing a letter asking them to study the geography of the area,” said Chief District Officer Shiva Kumar Karki. “It has been a long time since the road was built. He said that a study is being carried out for flood relief in the landslide affected areas.

The landslide has damaged the Baglung-Balewa section of the Kaligandaki corridor and its alternative route. The road leading to Bhakunde via Eklesal has become unusable and deep gorge have been constructed at two places on the Baglung-Kushmishera road. Due to the landslide, the southern region has been without road connection from time to time since late June.

Source : RSS,