Extreme heat affects daily life in Terai

Due to the extreme heat, people’s lives in the Terai districts including Sarlahi has been severely affected.

Residents of Terai Madhes have experienced extreme heat due to hot winds as a result of recurrent sunny days. The temperature in the Terai region has increased day by day.

The maximum temperature in Sarlahi was recorded 39 degrees Celsius at noon on Friday. People have difficulty in getting out of the house at day time due to extreme heat.

The activities of people in the markets of the district like Lalbandi, Hariwan, Bayalbas, Barhathwa, and Malangwa have decreased a lot. Locals in the rural areas of the district have been further affected by the dust blowing in the foggy summer.

Surging heat has led to an increase in the number of heat-related illnesses in health facilities. Dr. Guneshwor Jha, a resident of headquarters Malangwa, has urged the people not to go out except for urgent work as it is getting intolerable due to hot air which has a serious impact on health.

He urged to take more care of children and the elderly as pollution has increased. Dr. Jha has suggested eating enough foods that give coolness to the body like cold liquid, cucumber, melon, pulses, and cereals.

Source : TRN,