Falgun 7 Glorious Day: Vice President

Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun has said Falgun 7 is the glorious day in Nepal’s history. It marks the establishment of democracy with the end of autocratic Rana regime in 2007 BS, he added.

Giving a message of best wishes on the occasion of the Democracy Day today, Vice President Pun said, “The new constitution written by the Constituent Assembly has already established the federal democratic republic, secularism, social justice and proportional representation on the basis of various people’s movements.

In the message, he however said it was not good that people expecting development and prosperity with the new constitution were facing uncertainty. “At a time when the country is observing the Democracy Day, it is sad that country is facing difficult moment in the wake of dissolution of House of Representatives,” he stated.

He wished the Democracy Day inspired everyone to implement and protect constitution and democratic achievements.

Source : RSS,