Falgun 7 Origin Of Journey To Republic: NC President Deuba

Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has extended best wishes to all Nepalis on the occasion of the Democracy Day, the glorious day in Nepal’s history.

Nepal had got democracy- a new chapter in its modern history, on Falgun 7, 2007BS with the leadership of Congress, he reminded, adding that the day also marks the time autocratic Rana regime was abolished.

“Not only political change but the social, economic, culture and education sectors witnessed progressive change after the establishment of democracy in 2007BS in Nepal. It also laid a solid foundation for nationality,” President Deuba mentioned in the message of best wishes.

According to him, Falgun 7 is the origin of journey towards federal republic along with the ambition of prosperity, foundation of inclusion and consolidation of nationality and democracy.

He paid tribute to the martyrs and iconic leader BP Koirala whose role is unforgettable to ensure democracy in Nepal.

Leader Deuba wished the Democracy Day provided impetus to all for the struggle against dissolution of the House of Representatives.

Source : RSS,