Farms Chosen For Kiwi Promotion

Three farms in Okhaldhunga have been selected for Sample Kiwi Garden Promotion and Establishment. The selection was done by Siddhicharan Municipality. The programme is accepted as an annual programme of the current fiscal year.

Deputy Chief of the municipal agro division, Birendra Tamang, informed that the three farms were located in Siddhicharan—5 and 6. The selected farms are Dorchi Vegetable Farm and Nima Diligent Agro Farm of Ward No. 5 and Makhamali Agro Farm of Ward No. 6.

The Municipality is working to provide each of these farms with Rs. 50,000 as financial aid.

Lately, the attraction towards kiwi farming has been increasing. In various locations of Siddhicharan Municipality, Khijidemba, Maane Bhanjyang and Champa Devi, kiwi is being farmed in the total area of 1.5 hectares.

Source : RSS,