Fatality On The Rise With Infected Arriving Late For Treatment

The majority of the COVID-19 infected in the district are in home isolation. However, the death rate has started to increase as people with the infection are not contacting the health workers on time.

On Friday alone, three people died of COVID-19 in the district, according to corona resource person at District Health Office, Dev Prakash Ghimire. The reason behind the rising number of deaths is due to the failure of the infected to come to the health facilities on time.

So far, 38 people have died while the number of active cases stands at 965 as of Friday. “People are coming to the hospital only after things get serious, increasing the likelihood of fatality,” Ghimire said.

Every infected have been found with different nature of the impact of the virus. “Some of the patients were found with severe symptoms and difficult to cure pneumonia,” medical superintendent at the Dhaulagiri Hospital Dr Sailendra BK Pokharel said.

Dr Pokhrel suggests the infected remain in regular contact with the health workers, take note of their oxygen level and breathing difficulties.

On Friday, two infected died at the Dhaulagiri hospital while one died during treatment at the Dhorpatan Corona Hospital. Also on Thursday, a suspected infected person from Badigad died soon after arriving at the hospital.

Source : RSS,