Father’s Day Today

Nepali Hindus are observing father’s day on Tuesday.
People mark the day, which falls on the new moon day of Kuse Aunsi in the Nepali month of Bhadra by showing respect to their fathers and offering them sweets, gifts and delicious food items. Married women visit their fathers’ home to celebrate the day with him.

People also bring the Halfa grass (Kusha) into their houses.
Individuals whose fathers have passed away visit the Gokarna Mahadev Temple in Gokarneshwor Municipality, Kathmandu, to bathe in the holy Bagmati River and pray for the eternal peace of the departed soul of their father. Because of this association with Gokarna Mahadev, the day is also called Gokarna Aunsi.

Devotees also visit Uttar Gaya on the banks of the Bettrawati River in Rasuwa district to pray for their deceased dads. They also give alms to the needy in the name of their dead fathers.

Source : TRN,