Federal Govt Expenditure Up By 1.4 Percent, Revenue Down By 10 Percent

The Nepal Rastra Bank has unveiled the current macroeconomic situation of Nepal based on the data of the last eight months of this fiscal, till mid-March.

According to the NRB, aggregate expenditure of the federal government in the last eight months stood at Rs. 571.02 billion. In this, recurrent expenditure, capital expenditure and financial expenditure stood at Rs. 455.82 billion, Rs. 79.70 billion and Rs. 35.51 billion respectively.

However, such expenditure was Rs. 562.97 in the review period of the last fiscal year. There is 1.4 percent increment in aggregate expenditure of the federal government in comparison to the previous fiscal.

Similarly, in the review period, the government managed to mobilise Rs. 571.20 billion in which tax-revenue was Rs. 527.67 billion and non-tax revenue was Rs. 43.53 billion. However, federal government had mobilised Rs 630.80 billion in the same period of previous year. This is 10 percent less compared to the same period of the previous year.