Festival-centric traffic awareness campaign kicks off in Banke

District Traffic Police Office, Banke has begun special traffic campaign to reduce accidents during the festival time.

Head of the Office, Himalaya Shah, said that the police office has conducted a special campaign with special attention to check driving under alcohol influence, vehicle check, and passengers’ capacity in public vehicles.

He said that along with the accidents, special checking of the traffic police has been started at various places in the district to control travel-related cheatings, and manage safe travel of the passengers to their destinations during the festival.

During the campaign, special checking has been increased on vehicles entering and leaving Banke, targeting long-distance vehicles.

Special checks have been arranged for long-distance vehicles in places like Kusum in the east of Banke, Mankhola in the west, Chisapani in the north, Nepalgunj in the south, Rajhan Chowk and Chapargaudi in Kohalpur.

On the occasion of the festival, the traffic police have been conducting regular checks, over speeding, banning passengers from getting on to the roof of the buses, controlling over load passengers than the capacity of the bus, condition of vehicles, and informing about the safety precautions to be taken by the passengers.

Banke Traffic has started checking not only long-distance vehicles but also short-distance vehicles. In order to reduce accidents, the traffic police have been imparting traffic awareness classes on a daily basis.

In addition, Banke Traffic Police will keep road barricades at check points including Surkhet Road, Gulariya Road and Kohalpur roads in the district to control traffic accidents and over speeding.

Locals demand regulation of battery-powered rickshaws plying in the district and supervision over them to reduce accidents.

Source : TRN,