Festive Season Security Plan Comes Into Effect In Kathmandu

Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Range in coordination with Metropolitan Police Office, Ranipokhari, has launched a special security plan for Dashain-Tihar and other festivals.
Police have introduced the security plan in Kathmandu to reduce criminal activities on the eve of the festivals.

According to Chief and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Ashok Singh, a security plan has come into effect in Kathmandu from September 17.
He said that a special security plan had been introduced for Dashain, Tihar and Chhath festivals this time. Every year, the Range brings a security plan targeting the festivals.
SSP Singh said that various security strategies have been prepared to make the security system in the valley flawless, reliable, credible and strong.

According to Singh, a total of 3,271 security personnel have been deployed in Kathmandu for the same.
According to him, picket patrols will be conducted in 61 places, morning and evening patrols in 60 places.

Similarly, 48 mobile patrols in the morning and at night, 35 bicycle patrols, 83 quick response teams, 15 separate teams that can be mobilized instantly in case of an emergency, 30 members team for search and seal operations, 30 others for area seals and ambushing, and CRV and cross checking in 46 places.
According to him, checkpoints will be set up at 36 places every day from 3 pm to 6 pm and at 36 places from 8 pm to 12 noon.

Similarly, plain clothes police will be mobilised in the vehicles of different routes to ensure the safety of the vehicles and programmes of the special people and to prevent pickpocketing in the vehicles.
Similarly, safety pin police will be mobilised to prevent violence against women and harassment in public transport. “Plans have been brought to control theft, gambling, hooliganism, financial transactions, black market, shopping malls, jewellery shops, Dashain Bazaar and other places,” SSP Singh said.

According to him, help desks will be set up at nine places in Kathmandu to provide special facilities to the service recipients.
“We plan to conduct miking in toll plazas, distribute pamphlets, and hold discussions and interactions with locals to make the festival security effective,” he claimed. Similarly, major chowks of Kathmandu, business centres and the entry points of Kathmandu will be monitored by CCTV, said Singh, adding that trained dogs will also be deployed during the period.

Similarly, security arrangements for temples and monasteries will be strengthened and the markets will be monitored to control adulteration and black market, said Singh.
Help desks have been set up at New Bus Park, Gongabu, Koteshwar, Kalanki, Balkhu, Sundhara and Gaushala to make it easier for commuters to get bus tickets.
Police have also been mobilised to control irregularities in the transport system, said Singh.

He said that the police have been mobilised to prevent passengers from being cheated, control of unnecessary Patake ticketing, security of government offices, strikes by the party and its sister organisations, and obstruction of traffic.
Singh said that strict checks would be carried out at all the checkpoints in the valley to control the smuggling of small arms.

“New practices of the present time and past modalities have both been used while implementing security plan for festival season to control criminal activities,” SSP Singh said.

Source : TRN,