Film Editing Requires Devotion: GC

Film editing is one of the major parts of filmmaking.
A film editor puts various raw footages together and makes sense out of them to form a compelling cinema.
The art of film editing is achieved through a long devotion and Arjun GC is one of the few maestros of editing in the Nepali film industry. GC, a resident of Dang, had entered editing profession in 2000.
GC has edited several Nepali films over the years.

“It is an unseen skill and many people are unaware of this art and profession. Editing is an important part of filmmaking,” said GC.
He further added that he has not been bothered if he has not received what he deserved from the platform as he loves continuing the profession.
“I had been working in the transitional period between analogue and digital. Since I was an IT student, I easily adapted to digital technology,” said GC.
As an IT student he had begun editing the local music videos made by his friends in Dang since 2000.

During those days, he was planning to come to Kathmandu for further study. When he arrived, the management of Gobi-Krishna Movies had begun ‘Film Development Company’ and he got an opportunity to learn and work there.
At the Film Development Company, GC got a chance to learn from seniors such as Banish Shah, Bari Lamichane and late Anil Gautam. While doing 50 more cinemas with them as an assistant-editor, the work of GC was visibly noticed by various directors.

Later, GC worked as an editor. He debuted as an editor in ‘Ma Timro Bhaisake’ of Bikash Acharya. The movie was shot by a 4K resolution camera for the first time in Nepal.
Since then GC has edited more than five dozen cinemas as a senior editor. The list includes movies like Kali, Himmatwali, Mayaya’s Bar, Lilly Billy, Sanglo, and others. He has also worked on a few Bhojpuri movies.
“It is a difficulty to make a compelling movie by mixing raw footages of several shoots. It should also be parallel to the story line and convincing to the audiences,” said GC.
For this beautiful work, he gets more than Rs. 300,000 for editing a single movie.

He said that directors are also well aware of the role of an editor. “A few directors bring me on the shooting spot so that the shots could be made even from the perspective of the editor.”
Since 2017, GC has been running his own studio named ‘Film Motion Nepal.’ 

Source : TRN,