Film Love Guru To Be Made

A film “Love Guru” is being prepared under the banner of Sadakshya Films.
Directed by Aaditya Budathoki, shooting of the film is said to begin immediately after COVID-19 cases come under control.
Director Budhathoki, who has directed more than a hundred music videos and three short films, is currently working on the script and other technical works of the film.
He said that even though the film sounds like a love story, it will be made by incorporating purely a social theme.
Even though Budathoki directed hundreds of music videos, ‘Love Guru’ will be his first feature film.
Produced by Raj Basnet, Susan Prajapati will direct the cinematography of the movie.
As soon as the transmission rate of COVID-19 falls, the film unit will announce the cast of the film.
“Right now, all my focus is on making the story and script of this film better,” said Budathoki. 

Source : TRN,