Finance Minister Commits To Development Of Rupandehi

Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel has expressed commitment for the development of all regions in Rupandehi district. He made this commitment while inaugurating a bridge constructed over the Danab River at Nayagaon in Butwal-14 today. He said the development construction works would be pursued simultaneously. “We will not let this place lag behind in terms of development,” he reiterated on the occasion.

Finance Minister Poudel said both the development works and the government’s works would be made effective in the coming days, calling for the support from all in this. Stating that the local people too have an equal responsibility in pushing for the development issues of this region, he urged them to alert the authorities concerned about this from time to time.”This place would not be allowed to lag behind in terms of infrastructure development. The process has been begun for the construction of a constituent campus of the Lumbini Buddhist University at this place. The face of this place will transform once this project is completed,” Finance Minister Poudel said. Completed on 16 September, 2019 at a cost of Rs 62 million, the bridge is 98.25 metres in length and 7.2 metres in width.    

Earlier today, minister Poudel inaugurated a bridge at Magarghat that links Yogikuti and Shivanagar. Constructed in the Nepali month of Magh, 2076 BS at the cost of Rs 214 million, the bridge is 180 metres in length and 11 metres in width.

The Finance Minister is scheduled to inaugurate a bridge today itself that links Devinagar and Buddhanagar. Concluded on 19 January, 2020 at the cost of Rs 104 million, the bridge is 110 metres long and 11 metres wide.    

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,