Finance Minister Directs For Augmenting Economic Activities

Newly appointed Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel has stressed the need to augment economic activities by coping with the adversity posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Giving direction to the ministry officials and subordinates after assuming the office on Thursday, Minister Poudel said national economy must be made robust, for this cooperation from all sides was imperative.

He reminded that the COVID-19 heavily dented the national and international economy and economic activities. At such situation, the activities that help boost economy must be prioritized.

“A dynamic economy needs job creations and growth,” Minister said, adding that economic activities should be restored as per budget and monetary policy and human lives protected accordingly.

The Minister viewed this year budget is a guideline to solve the problems created by the COVID-19 and its practical implementation would make economic sector stronger again. “Various issues have been addressed in the budget so that financial stability would be ensured,” he reminded.

He directed the ministry officials and subordinates to work effectively to increase the capital spending and accelerate development activities. Poudel also stressed the need of economic discipline.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,