Finance Ministry Directs Beema Samiti To Immediately Provide Covid-19 Insurance

The Finance Ministry has directed the Beema Samiti to pay the Covid-19 insurance to the insured persons with three days. The Ministry issued such direction in the wake of hassles being faced by insured persons due to delayed payment of insurance by the Beema Samiti.

Writing a letter to the Beema Samiti, the Finance Ministry has made aware the Beema Samiti that those waiting for insurance payment with verified document and due process must be provided the amount within three days.

The Samiti is further directed to send the details to the Ministry on insurance payment. The Ministry seeks the disclosure of number of people seeking insurance payment, number of people sent to Health Service Directorate for verification, details on the illegal claim of payment etc.

Even the problems surfaced on payment claim, details on due payment and efforts made to solve the problems should also be brought to light, according to Undersecretary at the Ministry, Govinda Prasad Subedi.

Source : RSS,