Firm Commitment To Constitutional Council’s Dignity And Responsibility: Speaker Sapkota

Speaker at the House of Representatives (HoR) Agni Prasad Sapkota has stated that he was focused on glorifying the image of the federal parliament.

Shreedhar Neupane, Press expert of Speaker while issuing a press note, stated that the Speaker was playing a neutral and impartial role as the Speaker soon after he was unanimously elected to the post.

The Press note further states that the federal parliament was a place of excising sovereign rights of the people. It is stated that the press note was issued as different opinion were expressed over the absence of Speaker Sapkota at the meeting of the Constitutional Council today.

The press statement clarifies that Speaker had to attend a meeting of the Federal Parliament, Secretariat Operation and Management on the occasion of Federal Parliament Day 2077 BS today. The meeting was called at 8:30 am at the Federal Parliament under his chairmanship therefore, he could not attend the council meeting on the same time as the Council meeting was called at 9:00 am today itself.

The Speaker had informed the Council and the Prime Minister that he could not attend the meeting this morning. The press note further mentions that Speaker had clear opinion that sufficient discussions was essential among the council members while taking decisions of long-lasting effects.

The press note further mentions that Speaker wants to remind the separation of power and checks and balance among the State organs, Executive, Legislative and Judiciary as per the constitutional spirit.

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