Fishery Getting Popular Among Kushma Folks

Youths of Kushma Municipality in Parbat have been attracted to fishery.

Fishery is gradually thriving in Wari Ambot, Dobilla, Pakuwa, Chuwa, Khurkot and Pang. The grant from the government, farmers’ hardship and labour have led to the rise in fishery. Modikhola and Kaligandaki River banks are used for raising fish.

According to municipality’s livestock service section chief Mitralal Sapkota, the number of people engaged i

n commercial fishery has reached 40 in the district. The municipality is assisting youths back to home from abroad due to Covid-19 crisis and other reasons to purse self-employment opportunities.

Sapkota said fishery is becoming the choice of youths in the locality. The local government assists in pond constructions and distribution of fries. On Friday, it distributed fries to 22 farmers. Each got 500 to 5,000 fries on demand basis. Farmer Devi Chhetri said they were motivated with the local government assistance.

”I supplied fish worth Rs 150 thousands during the lockdown,” Chhetri shared.

Mayor Ramchandra Joshi said the municipality had decided to lend helping hands to farmers following its increasing attraction. “We have planned to come up with programmes to further promote it,” he added.

Source : RSS,