Five Species Of Nepali Cardamom Identified

Five species of Nepali cardamom have been identified. It has been forwarded to the Ministry of Agriculture for the authenticity after ascertaining category.

Although cardamom has been plated for long in Nepal, its species were yet to be identified.

The recent identification of the species of spice grown in the eastern belt of Nepal is aimed at identifying its product in the international market.

India has already identified the species of its cardamom in the international market. It has even taken the patent rights of the cardamom produced in Nepal. Although some 14 kinds of cardamom are grown in Nepal, only five have been recommended now.

The Cardamom Development Centre, Phikkal shared that the species determination and registration subcommittee recommended the cardamom before the Ministry. Chief of the Development Centre, Padam Adhikari, informed that the five identified species are- Ramsai, Golsai, Dambarsai, Jirmale and Bharlang.

“Now the meeting of seeds determination committee headed by Ministry Secretary would approve the names, thereby formalizing the species,” he added. After the approval, the names of the species will be published in the gazette.

The plantation of the cardamom of Ramsai species is believed to have begun in 1850BS. It is produced 31 kg per ropani. It is currently planted in 6,000 hectares of land. Similarly, Pyang, Jamuna, Mabu and Gorkhe areas of Ilam grow Bharlang species of cardamom. It is produced 45kg per ropani.

The cardamom is cultivated in the altitude of 600 meter to 1,200 meter.

Source : RSS,