Five taken into custody for alleged involvement in illegal kidney trade and transplant

  • October 17, 2019

Photo Supplied: RSS

Police have taken five people, including the Chief Executive Officer of Nidan Hospital in custody for their alleged involvement into the illegal trade and transplant of kidney.

The arrestees include of Nidan Hospital CEO Bipendra Pradhan, hospital’s legal advisor Kumud Kumar Bhattarai, Dr. Rajesh Pant, Section Officer at District Administration Office Lalitpur Ramchandra Ale and Shanker Lal Lama, the kidney receiver.

A special team under the command of DSP Raj Kumar Silwar on Wednesday nabbed the officials from different locations, Superintendent of Police (SP) Govinda Thapaliya at Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau said.

The hospital was found to have forged the legal document after the third person, whose name was not listed as the real donator. Also the forged donator (third person donator) was found to have donated the kidney to one Lama.

According to the law of Nepal, only the family members having three generation relations and relative having blood/bone relation are eligible to donate kidney(s).

According to SP Thapaliya, the kidney receiver’s family presented all the details of both the donator and the receiver including their photos. Later the real donator’s photo was altered using Photoshop tool in order to look alike to the third donator.

Police have kept the kidney’s donator’s identity secret. The kidney’s donator who could not even write his name was lured of a hefty amount for the transplant of kidney; however he told that only Rs 300,000 was transferred to his bank account.