Flights fixed to rescue Nepalis stranded abroad

  • June 11, 2020

The government has started to rescue Nepalis who have been stranded abroad ever since the enforcement of the nationwide lockdown in Nepal.

Nepali stranded in foreign nations will be rescued by national flag carriers Nepal Airlines, Himalayan Airlines and other international aircrafts as well.

Both the widebody and narrow-body aircraft of Nepal Airlines and the narrow-body carriers of Himalayan Airlines are being deployed to rescue Nepalis.

According to the flight schedule made public by the Ministry of Tourism, 24 flights of Nepal Airlines, 19 flights of Himalayan Airlines for the time being and 24 flights of other international airlines will be deployed to bring Nepalis home.

Buddhisagar Lamichhane, Joint Secretary of Tourism Ministry, said that about 11,000-12,000 Nepalis will arrive in these flights. After these flights, the situation will be further analyzed and necessary decisions will be made accordingly.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, these flight schedules may change depending on the flow of passengers.

The Ministry also said that the flight will only be operated with 85 percent passengers – no less.

Passengers are required to submit a certificate of RDT or PCR test to prove that they are not infected with Covid-19 and be eligible to board the flights.

The government had earlier made public the list of hotels to be used as quarantine centers for rescued Nepalis.