FM Poudel Directs Employees To Meet Revenue Collection Target

Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel has directed the employees of the Ministry and its subordinate bodies to work to meet the revenue collection target mentioned in the budget.

At a virtual programme organised in presence of secretaries of the Finance Ministry, Director Generals of Department of Inland Revenue and Department of Customs and Chiefs of Customs and Inland Revenue Offices on Monday, Finance Minister Poudel shared that no compromise would be made to fulfill the target of revenue collection by addressing the challenges created due to coronavirus.

Clarifying that employees would not be deputed on work amidst an environment of fear, he said result-oriented activities would be carried out by creating favourable environment appreciating their qualification and capacity. “The Ministry will help facilitate and encourage to resolve difficulties and problems. We will honour if the target is met. Otherwise, you have to be penalized”, added Minister Poudel.

Saying the employees are well-known about the problems and solutions, he urged them to resolve problems at their own level and to seek support from the leadership only if there is necessity.

The Finance Minister requested all to carry out activities competing with each other, saying special attention would be paid on capacity building of the employees to give result.

Minister Poudel urged the employees to carry out activities with determination to make the economy dynamic by facing the challenges created due to Covid-19.

Similarly, Finance Secretary Shishir Kumar Dhungana, Revenue Secretary Ram Sharan Pudasaini also expressed their views. More than 100 employees had participated in the virtual meeting.

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