FM Sharma pledges to solve water supply crisis in Dharan

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma Prabhakar has said that the federal government is committed to providing necessary support to solve the drinking water problem of Dharan Sub-metropolitan City.

During a meeting with Mayor Harka Sampang of Dharan at the former’s office in Singha Durbar on Tuesday, Minister Sharma assured that after completing necessary technical preparations, the federal government would support the latter to raise necessary budget to complete the water supply project.

Minister Sharma highly appreciated Mayor Sampang and his team for the mobilisation of people to solve the water supply problem in Dharan. “What you did to address the acute shortage of water supply in the city is an exemplary task,” Sharma said.

Likewise, Mayor Sampang said that water supply was the major problem in Dharan and the help of the federal government was needed to solve it. “The Federal Government is our guardian, please help us to solve this problem which is troubling the people,” he said.

Sampang was accompanied by Aindra Bikram Begha, Deputy Mayor of Dharan, during the meeting.

Source : TRN,