FNCCI Launches Hello Doctor Targeting COVID Patients

The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) has launched the FNCCI Operation COVID Relief Nepal Campaign, giving top priority to the health of the general public affected by the new variant of COVID-19.
Hello Doctor was launched Saturday as the first programme under the FNCCI Operation COVID Relief Nepal Campaign. The FNCCI is preparing to bring in more programmes under Operation COVID Relief Campaign, according to a press statement of FNCCI.
The Hello Doctor programme is run by the Federation, in collaboration with Viber, and Doctors on Call will serve as health consultants, it said.
The work of giving health counseling through Hello Doctor will start from Sunday (May 9, 2021). Those who are infected with COVID-19 at home or in isolation and have difficulty seeking medical advice will be able to get full help through Hello Doctor.
Viber will be used to provide direct contact between the infected patients and the doctors. Initially, consultation work will be started by five doctors. For that, time has been set from 9 am to 12 noon and from 3 pm to 6 pm, FNCCI said.
In order to register the name, the patient has to send a message to 2111121111 Viber number and based on the same message, the time of consultation with the doctor will be sent to the patient.
Doctors will then communicate with patients via video call and provide health counseling. The patient will have to disclose his name, age and address in the message. The service will be free and available to all infected people across the country, it said.
The programme is aimed at providing health counseling to the infected through direct access to doctors through the use of technology and creating an environment where they do not have to go to the hospital except in case of an emergency.
The Federation believed that this would also help in controlling COVID-19 infection.
FNCCI President Shekhar Golchha claimed that having a doctor’s consultation directly through Hello Doctor will help reduce the anxiety of COVID-19 infected patients and boost their self-confidence.
He has requested everyone to take maximum benefit from this health campaign initiated by the Federation.
He also expressed his commitment to work for making the daily life of the general public easier.
The number of people infected and dying from this pandemic, which the country had never experienced, is increasing every day, setting new records.
As it is the ultimate duty of all to protect the health of the general public by controlling the growing pandemic, the FNCCI has requested people to support the campaign from their sides and adopt maximum health awareness.