Food Crisis Looms Large In Byas Of Darchula As SSB Removes Tuins After Dhami Incident

As the Indian border security (SSB) has removed the rope crossings (Tuin) across the Mahakali River lately, locals of Byas Rural Municipality in Darchula district have been faced with utmost difficulty in mobility along with the shortage of food grains at Mal village in the rural municipality.

On July 30, a resident of Mal village in Byas Rural Municipality-2, Jay Singh Dhami, 33, went missing in the Mahakali River as he fell into the river after the SSB untied the rope crossing he was using to cross the river. Dhami has not been found yet.

As India did not allow the use of a drone camera for the search of Dhami’s body on its side, the drone camera for the search has been used only on the Nepali side of the bordering river.

The Indian side untied all the Tuins set across the river at different points in the Mahakali after the eyewitnesses made it clear that Dhami fell into the river and went missing because the SSB untied the rope crossing he was using to cross the river.

Narendra Dhami, a resident of Mal village, said food shortage has hit the village due to the lack of the operation of the rope crossing.

The Indian side has disallowed to set Tuin at Malghat, and there is no market on the Nepali side here nor has it been connected with the road.

Harak Karki, another resident of the village, said a situation of starvation is likely if the government fails to come up with the option to ensure foods supply in the village.

There is no safe road on the Nepali side to reach Byas Rural Municipality. The track on the Nepali side has been damaged due to landslides and floods, and it is lengthy and also full of bends. “It is risky to walk along the track, let alone with a load on your back.”

Only 43 km track of the 134-km Darchula-Tinkar road, which was started some 13 years ago, has been opened so far.

There is a suspension bridge over the river at Tigram of Byas Rural Municipality-5, but this bridge is in a long-distance for the locals of wards of 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the local level and they have been using risky Tuin crossing for reaching Indian markets to buy goods.

Source : TRN,