Food Stock Enough In Salyan

The food available in the district will meet the demand at least for two months.
District Administration Office, Salyan has stated that there will be no problem despite the fear of food shortage as soon as the restriction order is announced.
At present, there is 2,135 quintals of rice, 895 quintals of salt, 2,490 quintals of oil and 233 sacks of pulses. Kumar Budhathoki, president of the Salyan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that there were 260 sacks of flour, 425 quintals of sugar, 135 bags of beaten rice and 1,310 cylinders of gas in stock.
The District Administration Office, Salyan, has urged not to hoard more than the required quantity of food as there will be no shortage of daily necessities.
Chief District Officer Laxmidevi Humagain urged not to stock more than the required amount as the market price would not increase too much.
According to her, hoarding food items would result in shortage.
As there is no shortage of daily necessities in the district at present, they have been coordinating with the District Chamber of Commerce and Industry to prevent shortage of consumer goods, she said.
Assistant Chief District Officer Thaman Khadka said that arrangements have been made for easy supply of food grains, construction materials, livestock, seeds and eggs.
Food brought by air to Simkot from Nepalgunj and Surkhet airports to ensure food supply during the prohibitory order.