For Australians in Nepal

  • March 24, 2020

Following the announcement of a lock down by the Nepalese government, the Australian Embassy in Kathmandu, already working under stringent human resources, hass urged all Australian citizens to register themselves with the Embassy.

Registration can either be done in person at the embassy, or via email at [email protected].

The embassy is also operating a support desk at the embassy with internet and phonoe facilities. They however also apologise for their inability to provide transport to and from the embassy to its citizens.

Please find below an exact transcript from the Facebook Wall of Australian Embassy in Kathmandu. 

“Last night the Nepal Government announced further measures to combat the potential spread of COVID-19. Measures in effect for the next week (until 31 March):

Nepal citizens have been instructed not to leave their homes other than for essential purposes.

Domestic flights have been suspended, other than those approved by Civil Aviation Authority Nepal (CAAN).

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) has been closed to ALL international flights, including those without passengers. This has resulted in further flight cancellations. CAAN has advised that any future passenger flights will require approval. We are checking what this means.

We must assume these measures will be in force for a week. If we can secure permissions for a commercial flight earlier than that, we will endeavour to do so. Australians should continue to communicate with their airline, travel and insurance providers.

We encourage all Australians in Nepal to register with the Australian Embassy. This can be done in person at the embassy or via our email [email protected]
We require full names and contact details. The carrier through which you are attempting to depart Nepal would also be helpful. The purpose is to gain better understanding of number of Australians trying to return to Australia, and to offer consular assistance.

We are maintaining a support desk at the embassy where Australians can access internet and phone families. There is no public transport and the embassy is not able to offer transport services. For Australians based in Thamel, the Australian Embassy is within 40 minutes walking distance. I know, because I do that walk most weekends. If questioned by authorities, advise you are walking directly to the Australian embassy for assistance.

We appreciate this is a time of stress, frustration and uncertainty. Please bear with us. The Australian embassy is now operating with skeleton staff. This means we may not be able to respond to individual questions in a timely manner.

Australian Ambassador