For Fear Of Coronavirus Infection, Schools Closed In Humla Again

A meeting of the District Covid-19 Crisis Management Committee held Wednesday has decided to close all the schools until further notice in Humla from today.

Likewise, arrival of new comers to the district is restricted while security checks will be beefed up in the major border points.

The decision comes after 56 including 51 students of Mahabauddha Secondary Schools in Namkha Rural Municipality tested positive for the coronavirus in the last five days.

As decided, concerned local levels would enforce the decision to close the schools while the education development and coordination unit of the rural municipality would carry out monitoring.

Likewise, mobility of people in Namkha and Simkot rural municipality is suspended for three days.

Similarly, the Health Service Office, Humla, would increase the scope of Covid-19 tests and contact tracing in all seven local levels in the district with their coordination.

Chief District Officer of Humla Chiranjivi Giri said that the Karnali Province would be urged for the management of helicopter service to take the patients of critical health condition to the state-of-the-art hospitals.

Similarly, two more ventilators would be asked from the Province Government as the existing two ventilators in the district were insufficient.

As part of the preparation, each local level would manage a five-bed isolation facility and 15-bed quarantine facility.

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