For Federalism To Function, No Intervention From Centre: CM Pande

Chief Minister of Bagmati Province Rajendra Prasad Pande has said federalism would be achieved in practice if the lower levels of government- province and local level- are not intervened by the central government.

CM Pande said it during a two-day seminar on ‘formulation and implementation of policy and plan at federal structures’ on Monday. Federalism does not function well once the policy and rules the local and provincial levels formulate contradict to the ones made by federal level, he argued.

CM Pande informed that the Bagmati Province was formulating a bill on local level employees as part of the implementation of federalism.

“Although the province is in need of some 3,400 employees for smooth functioning, the posts of some 1,400 employees are lying vacant, which has badly impacted the administrative and development works,” he complained.

Source : RSS,