Foreign Employment Welfare Information Management System comes into effect

The Foreign Employment Welfare Information Management System has come into effect from today.
Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Krishna Kumar Shrestha launched the system that provides welfare services ensured by the State to the outbound Nepali migrant workers.
Minister Shrestha said that now the system has been put in place, the outbound Nepali migrant workers having labour permit could claim compensation for death, injury, serious ailment among others within one year of the expiry of the contract period and within one year of the incident.
The service seekers could access the website of the Foreign Employment Board ( to avail the services designed for the welfare of the outbound and returning Nepali migrant workers.
As per the fifth amendment of the Foreign Employment Regulations -2064 BS, those Nepalis going abroad with labour permit could avail services such as financial assistance for the injured migrant workers, educational scholarships for the dependent children of the deceased migrant workers, brining home stranded dead bodies of the Nepali migrant workers abroad for free of cost and evacuation of stranded Nepali migrant works abroad to Nepal.
Furthermore, the beneficiaries of the deceased Nepali migrant workers could claim insurance through the newly introduced system. On the occasion, Minister Shrestha shared that curriculum has been designed to provide on-the-job practical skills training in six various subjects to enlist unemployed youths in local levels.
Similarly, Minister Shrestha shared that the government had taken forward various measures aimed at securing welfare of the outbound and returning Nepali migrant workers such as formulation of new foreign employment policy, preparation for building labour hospital and creating enabling environment at policy level for the Nepali women working as a domestic workers abroad to return home and go for foreign employment yet again among others.

Source : RSS,