Foundation Stone Laid For Three Motorable Bridges On Same Day

Gandaki Province Government has laid foundation stone for three motorable bridges at Modi rural municipality of Kaski district at the same time.

Chief Minister of the Gandaki Province, Prithvi Subba Grung, on Wednesday laid the foundation stone for construction of motorable bridges over Idi Khola ( rivulet), linking Madi-4 and 11, Makaikhola, linking ward no 10 and 11, Bardi khola, linking ward no 9 and 10.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister expressed the belief that the motorable bridges going to be constructed would become milestone for the prosperity and development of mid-hill area.

He further stressed that the awareness of all sides was necessary for timely construction of the bridges by maintaining construction quality.
Of the three bridges, two bridges—Idikhola and Bardikhola are under national pride project, Pushpalal (Mid-hill) highway.

Around 1,700 km long mid-hill highway connects six provinces of the country. Construction of more than 150 motorable bridges in 11 districts under the Gandaki Province was underway.

CM Gurung shared, “The highway becomes a basis for maintaining and geographical unity by awakening social and cultural sentiments.”

He viewed that there was no alternative to three-tier governments with locals to involve in its construction. An investment of Rs 45.27 million has been estimated for the construction of Bardikhola bridge, Rs 44.21 million for Idikhola bridge and Rs 23.26 million for Makaikhola bridge.

A target has been set to complete the construction of the bridges within a year.

Source : RSS,